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Fear For Clementine With The News Screens For The Walking Dead: Episode 3

Fear For Clementine With The News Screens For The Walking Dead: Episode 3

The Walking Dead: Season 2

There are some new teaser images for The Walking Dead episode 3 and it looks like Clem may be in peril.

Up until now with The Walking Dead from Telltale we have been on edge for our little protagonist’s wellbeing. The entire first season of the episodic game was all about making sure she was safe and sound and now that we have control of her in season two we are in direct control of that. With these latest teaser images for episode three of the second season it looks like Clem may be in a lot more harm’s way than before.

Ok, well maybe not so much for Clem as the whole of The Walking Dead would crumble if the main protagonist up and died but that doesn’t mean she can’t be maimed. To be honest I think it shows more peril for all of the other characters in the game, especially “little Ugly Betty.” That is just speculation based on what we know of The Walking Dead franchise and these images though. For all we know “little Ugly Betty” could be the next protagonist for season three of the game and we might have to watch Clem go the way of Lee. Am I not morbid here?

It is worth noting that it looks like we will be getting a few of the characters from The Walking Dead: 400 Days brought back in but I don’t see any in these screens myself. I do see a few of the characters I know died in my personal play through so that may make things a bit interesting in the long run. This statement of course comes from the press release that came with these images so I felt it worth noting. It will be curious even more for those who may not have played the 400 Days DLC on their system of choice and just The Walking Dead proper. Hopefully that won’t be just randomly generated or there is a set list.

Here are those screens to look at. This also means that we will most likely be getting a trailer soon as well as the next release date for The Walking Dead S2E3 — In Harm’s Way. That is if the new visuals to release ratio stands up as usual from Telltale. I’d estimate in two weeks’ time myself.

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