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Final Fantasy X Wants In On The Valentine’s Love Too

Final Fantasy X Wants In On The Valentine’s Love Too

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

New trailer for Final Fantasy X/X2 showing off the love story just in time for the holiday of love; Valentine’s Day.

Not to be left out of the Valentine’s Day love, the HD versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 coming to the Vita on March 18th have also unleashed a trailer showcasing the love story in the game. You know, as a way to try and fool your loved one who might not like the franchise into thinking it is for all and the holiday. I guess… But that is assuming you have a partner who is into all the mushy gushy and doesn’t like Final Fantasy. That is quite the assumption.

Either way, I will admit that the love story of Final Fantasy X was damn good. Albeit, no Cloud and Aerith, but damn good. It even spawned the amazingness of the Dress Sphere mechanic I always hope they bring back into the franchise somehow. It looks close in Lightning Returns but it is not the same at all. But here I am going off on the game mechanics instead of the focus we are being directed toward; the love.

So give the below video some love by watching it, telling us your favorite love story from Final Fantasy, and pre-ordering Final Fantasy X/X-2 for your PS Vita. Well, at least the first two will be fine for me. Enjoy and spread the love.

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