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Finally A New Gameplay Trailer For The Evil Within Straight From PAX East

Finally A New Gameplay Trailer For The Evil Within Straight From PAX East

The Evil Within

Bethesda has released a new trailer for The Evil Within in the build up to PAX East. Still so many questions unanswered…

If there is one thing I love about big gaming and geek conventions like PAX it is that we get awesome new trailers like the one for The Evil Within we just received. Granted, this usually means that we all have to wait an obscene amount of time to finally hear some new little tidbit for a game we are excited for but at least it comes like clockwork. Only about two months from when we got our last up date in the form of a release date for The Evil Within. Again I am deviated from the original point here.

Let’s have a watch of this new gameplay trailer for The Evil Within shall we?

Why in the names of the fates is Tango Gameworks and Bethesda drawing out any details for The Evil Within? The above trailer is listed as a gameplay trailer but I don’t see all too much in the way of actual gameplay outside of running, walking, crouching, opening gates, and shooting a gun…twice. I get that the whole trailer looks to have been spliced up of in-game scenes but is The Evil Within just a run here or sneak here game? We got more out of E3 last year in the way of gameplay and you would think as the release date is looming closer we would actually get to see how the game will handle.

Complaints aside now, The Evil Within is looking to be exactly the horror title I have been waiting years for. This trailer definitely highlights more on the tension, shocks, and action that we will get to play through, or watch, this upcoming August. While it does seem like I have more gripes that cheers here I still have insanely high hopes for The Evil Within. I just wish that we could actually see how things will be played as I am still working on the assumption that it will be 100% Resident Evil 4 style of play and nothing new or innovative.

What say you?

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