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Have Your First Look At Halo: Nightfall Straight Out Of SDCC

Have Your First Look At Halo: Nightfall Straight Out Of SDCC


The first trailer for Halo: Nightfall was shown at SDCC and we have it here for all to see

If you happen to be one of those Halo fans who don’t have enough time to dedicate to hunting down details on Halo: Nightfall then let us hook you up. The first look and trailer for the new show was shown during SDCC and we just happen to have hunted it down for your viewing pleasure. We mentioned before on one of the main actors and roles for Halo: Nightfall but now we have a good look at everything in action. Like I said though, this is mainly for those who couldn’t dedicate the time hunting around as all of you hardcore Halo fans probably have all of the words to the clip memorized forwards and backwards by now.

Here you go with that first look for Halo: Nightfall for now. Let us all have a good look and see it is going to be just like all those other crappy YouTube fan films or if this is a legit thing. Let’s watch…

I am not the biggest Halo fan out there but I do have to say that Halo: Nightfall is looking quite amazing. Almost to the fact that I actually may get more into all of the games just to get a better feel for all of the little nuances, inside jokes, and Easter eggs that will be filling up the content of Halo: Nightfall. It is to bridge a bit of the gap in story leading up to Halo 5: Guardians if I remember correctly. Well at least some of the events and characters will be making their way from the show into the full game. None the less it looks legit.

Now I just need to figure out a way to watch the show when it comes out in November as I am still Xbox One-less. Hopefully it will air online as well as on the console. Hells, I’ll take it even if there is a bit of delay between when it airs on the XB1 and I can see it online. Halo: Nightfall you have my pending seal of approval. Don’t squander it.

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