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Fort Solis Sets Off Some New Alarms With The Showing Of Gameplay

Fort Solis Sets Off Some New Alarms With The Showing Of Gameplay

Fort Solis

Take a step into the Fort Solis alarms and see a little bit of what Fort Solis will be offering up as gameplay

Take things into space once again with the reveal of gameplay for Fort Solis. This is the next title on the way to us all from Fallen Leaf and Dear Villagers for the PC and PS5 that was revealed a little while ago and still on a trajectory for a Summer release to us all. We only now get to see just what we can be doing in Fort Solis in terms of gameplay. Something that looks and feels a bit closer to the style of play we have seen in various other horror titles that take place in space. Only with a bit more running and a little less limb slicing from what we have to look at for the gameplay as of now.

Well, to say gameplay for Fort Solis, it might be a little misleading, as this looks like in-game footage but it is still hard to tell what we will be doing in the game. Outside of walking around a ship as it is going through some incidents out there, it is hard to tell. I have a feeling, since we are an engineer, we will need to do some repairs to things and use some of those skills to move about. We just do not get to see any of that in action with this new gameplay for Fort Solis. Have a look and see if you can get a better idea of it all. For now, it looks more like a walking sim with a little extra action mixed in. That should all change as we get closer to the launch, but only if the game is something else than expected.

Fort Solis — Gameplay

Engineer Jack Leary responding to the Fort Solis alarm. Be careful… there’s an ⚠ INCIDENT ⚠

Discover what kind of incident happened this Summer on PC & PS5!

Are you impressed with what we have been given for Fort Solis here or do you think we need some true gameplay to make up our minds? Is this actual gameplay or just in-game footage from some scripted events to get the hype flowing for the game? Could this just be a space-walking simulation without the need for our protagonist’s skills in the mix? Take to the comments and let us all know what is on your mind for all of this and let that discussion flow. We will have much more for Fort Solis as we are given it, so please keep checking back in for all of those updates and much, much more.

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