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Are There Any Games That Make The Wii U Worth It?

Are There Any Games That Make The Wii U Worth It?

Games make a console worthwhile but are there any that will revitalize the Wii U? Any that will ‘sale’ the console?

I am a huge Nintendo fan but it has really gone downhill for me in the past two console generations. This brings me to the question, “Are there any games that make the Wii U worth buying?” I am not the typical Nintendo guy who gets a new system every time a Pokémon, Zelda, Mario, or Smash Bros. game comes out. A few cash cow franchises do not equal a deep and rich library of gaming goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I don’t enjoy those games. I just don’t see them making it worth buying a new console.

That being said and looking in to the next year or so, are there any games coming out that might change my opinion? The only ones I can find interesting that don’t have Kong, Karting, or Super in the titles are Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Child Of Light, and X. That is out of dozens upon dozens of games. I know some of you may wonder why Hyrule Warriors is in the list since it is part of the Zelda universe. From the screen shots I’ve seen I found it looked to be more like Monster Hunter with a Zelda skin.

Then we have Bayonetta 2. Or as I like to call it “If Devil May Cry had a female lead protagonist.” I really enjoyed the first one. While it will more than likely be a solid game it does not sale a new console to me.

Next we have the Child Of Light; a very good looking RPG from Ubisoft. I really like the art style of this game and it almost completely sales the game to me hook, line, and sinker. Alas I do not find it selling the console to me either.

X is a typical cookie-cutter Japanese role-playing game. I have been playing anime style mech games since the PlayStation 1 days. They have really become stale to me. As much as I like them I just can’t seem to get excited about them and again, not a console sale for me.

I know it sounds like I am judging the games individually instead of the whole Nintendo library. That’s because I am. Most consoles have a few games that people buy a console just for that game. Then later down the road that console’s library only gets deeper. That is where my convictions lay. Between the Mario games and the heap of casual or kiddie game, there isn’t really something to ‘sale’ the Wii U.

Hopefully sometime down the line Nintendo will appeal more to me as they had in the past. As for the immediate future, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze releases today. The pool is always growing. What games are you excited about? Do you own a Wii U? What game sold you on a console? Are there any games coming out you are wanting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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