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Games To Watch For In 2014

Games To Watch For In 2014

Here’s a list of game titles that I think you should be watching for in 2014. Did your favorite make the list?

Now that 2013 is in the books and 2014 is already rolling we have a great year of new games to look forward to. With the new consoles, 2014 will be an important year to build their library of games with quality titles. With the already great games planed, 2014 promises to be a great year. With so many great games it could be hard to choose the best looking games. Here are my picks for most anticipated games of 2014 in no specific order.

1. Titanfall — Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Developed by Respawn Entertainment who is made up of former members of Infinity Ward. This new first person shooter is an entirely online experience combined with exciting moments that are usually found in single player games. What separates Titanfall from other shooters is the inclusion of the titans of course. With the ability to enter and exit the titans at any time allows players to adapt your strategy to any situation. The game also features a variety of different titans to take into battle.

Titanfall will feature 6 vs. 6 matches. This may seem like a small player count for this type of game but players will be accompanied by AI opponents to fill up the map. Respawn said that 6 was the best number for balancing.

Respawn has just confirmed an upcoming βeta but no details to when it would take place. It’s rumored to start on February 14th. This is my most anticipated shooter of the year because it’s a breath of fresh air and it’s not another military shooter. Look for Titanfall on March 11th.

E3 Gameplay

Angel City Gameplay

2. Destiny — Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3

Developed by Bungie the creators of the Halo franchise whose pedigree speaks for its self. Destiny can be called a number of different things a MMO a RPG and a shooter. But according to Bungie it’s first and foremost a first person action shooter. What make Destiny interesting is that it’s a FPS that has been combined with the best features of a MMO. As with most MMOs there are multiple different servers, not with Destiny Bungee’s aim is the have all players occupy the same always connected vast world.

Destiny has something for every type of player. There are quests, raids, random public events and even competitive matches you can compete in. If you just want to play competitive you can do that or just complete raids with your friends. You can even tackle quests on your own. Bungie has made Destiny so you can play however you want to play. And of course there is a story you can play through as well. One of Bungie’s goals is to keep you engaged in Destiny long after you completed the story.

Perhaps the best news about Destiny is that they are not charging a subscription fee. There is a planned βeta for players who pre-order the game at GameStop. The βeta is said to take place in the summer sometime. This is a huge risk for Bungee but I am glad that they are trying something new and hopefully it’s as awesome as it looks and their risk pays off. From what I have seen of the game the hype is justified. Looks for Destiny on September 9th.

E3 Gameplay

Gameplay Reveal

3. The Evil Within — Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC

Ok, I will admit that I am not a huge fan of horror games but even this one has my interest. The Evil Within is developed by Tango Gameworks and directed by the legendary Shinji Mikami. Shinji Mikami created the survival horror genre with Resident Evil. The Evil Within promises to bring back true survival horror with limited resources and tension build up as you explore the game world.

The story is about detective Sebastian Castellanos who investigates a mass murder with his partners and encounters a powerful evil force. The force kills his partners and knocks him unconscious. When Sebastian awakes he finds himself in a parallel world inhabited by monsters and demonic creatures. With so many horror games becoming action games it’s refreshing to see a game return to the classic atmospheric old school horror. The Evil Within does not have a release date but is slated to release in 2014.

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4. Wolfenstein: The New Order — Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC

The last Wolfenstein game was somewhat of a disappointment so hopefully the new Wolfenstein, developed by Machine Games, does the series justice. The game brings back series mainstay B.J. Blazkowicz to once again fight the Nazis. The game takes place in an alternative 1960 where the Nazis won World War II by using a powerful mysterious technology. Wolfenstein takes it up a notch by adding new enemies such as super solders and robot sentry dogs to the mix of your standard Nazi soldiers. Wolfenstein was delayed and it was supposed to be released in November along with the new consoles. The game is now slated to release in 2014 at some point.

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