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Gear Up For Battle In The Reboot Of Gauntlet

Gear Up For Battle In The Reboot Of Gauntlet


A trailer for the Gauntlet reboot has been released showing off all the gear and weapons that we will be using in the game

Earlier this year we had the announcement for Gauntlet getting the next gen treatment with a nice little trailer. Now that Gauntlet is slated to be shown off to the world here next week it should be right time to show off some actual gameplay. Isn’t it? Even if you said ‘No’ in your head then too bad because we have some new footage for the game. Also if you said ‘No’ then maybe it is time to move along and stop wasting your life as the rest of us are about to delve into the new footage and think about how it will all handle.

Here is that Gauntlet gameplay I have been ranting on about here. Check it.

Is it just me or does this not look “next gen”? This Gauntlet looks just like the arcade version of the game I played a decade ago. Gods that made me feel old to say but true none the less. Should we be calling this just a port to next gen instead of an upgrade? Or am I being too critical on a very short gameplay clip for Gauntlet that more focuses on the pre-order bonuses than what is truly new for the game itself? No wrong answers here just wrong humans.

Hopefully I will have time to check out Gauntlet on the floor of E3 and get better educated on what is going on with the game. Like I said, I could have sworn this was supposed to be an upgrade and not the same old thing that is geared to grab onto nostalgia and wrench our hearts until we bleed out the money it took to bring this game to us. I’m just hoping this was just a poor showcasing online.

If you are still excited for Gauntlet keep checking back here as we will update as we get new information for the game. Do you think it is looking like what was originally stated? Am I just hoping for too much? Let us know below.

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