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Get Acquainted With The New Batman: Arkham Origins DLC – Cold, Cold Heart

Get Acquainted With The New Batman: Arkham Origins DLC – Cold, Cold Heart

Batman: Arkham Origins

There is a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins DLC titled Cold, Cold Heart. This is Mr. Freeze story DLC!

By now most of us have enjoyed Batman: Arkham Origins and maybe some of the DLC challenge maps. Yes, Initiation was kind of a story DLC but it was really just a bunch of challenge maps in a story frame and not actually just story DLC. I am moving off the main topic here though as we have a teaser of the new story-based campaign DLC: Cold, Cold Heart. The main focus there is the term campaign. Well, that and the fact that this is revolving around Mr. Freeze.

I know it was rumored and speculated that the focus may be on The Penguin but unless he got taller, thinner, and gained a battle suit that shoots ‘freeze rays’ we can put that to rest. Also the fact that the developers have come out and directly stated that it Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alter ego helps there as well. So now we know what is next for Batman: Arkham Origins, let’s dig in a bit more on what we know of this DLC so far. Albeit, not that much yet.

Currently Batman: Arkham OriginsCold, Cold Heart is slated for an April 22nd release date for our chosen platforms. Granted that is based on the update times of the particular platform stores. The DLC also is supposed to be an extensive story add-on that is going to tell the origin story of the Arkham Mr. Freeze and why he is such an amazing boss in Batman: Arkham City.

What is not stated in the following trailer is that we are also going to be getting some new gear added to the list of toys that Batman has. Already mentioned are some Thermal [Bat]gloves, Thermalcharged Batarangs, and a new suit The XE. That is XE for Extreme Environment. All of that and the promise for several hours more of story, content, and environments to play through. Now that is some great DLC if it is as promised. Although I would have loved to read that we are getting some Thermal [Bat]underwear too.

Are you now excited for the new Batman: Arkham Origins DLC? I know I am as I am always a sucker for more story and actual gameplay; not just maps and skins for my characters. Hopefully we will have more on Cold, Cold Heart in the coming month leading to the DLC’s release.

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