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Get Caught Up In The New Announcement For Den Of Wolves

Get Caught Up In The New Announcement For Den Of Wolves

Den Of Wolves

A new techno-thriller, Den Of Wolves, was announced during The Game Awards and here is a look at what the Den Of Wolves has

If you ever thought that the cyberpunk setting was going to go away, here we go with Den Of Wolves coming into the scene to make sure we know how messed our future is most likely going to be. This is a new title that 10 Chambers brought to The Game Awards this year to help highlight how some of the A.I. out there could be bad. At least as it all goes in the game that is coming to the PC in the future. With Den Of Wolves paying great respect to the titles that the designer of the PAYDAY titles brought to the world. Yes, this is going to be a cyberpunk heist title for us all to experience in the not-too-distant future of our world. Get ready to get bleak.

Not much is fully known for Den Of Wolves so far, as we have only been given a cinematic trailer and a blub of text, but here is what we do know about the game. It will be a co-op heist title that will place us and our team doing some nefarious actions in the game. AI has taken over the market as the key hacking tool, and corporations do not like that. So they packed up their stuff and made their own city with hookers and blackjack, presumably. They also sport new tech that uses the human brain as cyber security, in a not-so-nice manner, and our team needs to infiltrate to bring it down or make a massive buck doing other nefarious acts. All in terms of corporate warfare. So Den Of Wolves is a bit more like a cyberpunk PAYDAY title only we might be on a freedom fighting side instead of only out to make money. I am keen on that.

Den Of Wolves — Announcement

10 Chambers announced Den Of Wolves at The Game Awards, a techno-thriller cooperative heist game from the original designer of PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2, Ulf Andersson.

Rise from the underground of Midway City as professional criminals in the conflicts between rival corporations, operating within the city’s cutthroat black market and offering your services to the highest bidder. Consider yourself a vital part of the ecosystem of industrial espionage, sabotage, assassinations — or “unauthorized errands,” as the suits say. It’s up to you and your assembled crew to successfully execute futuristic, mind-bending heists that blur the lines of reality.

In Den Of Wolves, dynamic and unpredictable moment-to-moment gameplay will challenge you and your team to adapt from stealth to full-on action shootouts (and back again) in thrilling scenarios. Private security forces ranging from augmented trans-human elite mercs to torrents of servile mechanoids will stand in your way. Still, if you rely on your weapons, hi-tech gadgets, and — most importantly — your trusted team, you will complete the heist and live to tell the tale.

In the middle of the 21st century, deep learning AI has become an unstoppable hacking tool used by thieves, terrorists, and anarchists to cause entire economies to collapse. The world was desperate for a revolution in the field of network security. Powerful corporations offered salvation in exchange for no longer being bound by laws or ethical standards. They won and established Midway City, the new capital of capitalism.

With free reign in Midway City, corporations heavily invested in unregulated technological innovations designed, first and foremost, to protect their capital. Thus, an entirely new data transmission and storage concept based on the biological intricacies of the human brain was born. Impervious to AI, neurological data security became a dominant technology that stabilized the world economy. With new security protections in place, corporations turned to a society of outcasts in the city’s underbelly to infiltrate rivals’ minds and extract high-value data — forever redefining corporate warfare.

All of this sounds fine on paper, or screens if you will, but I will need to see more for Den Of Wolves before I make any true judgment on it. That is, I would like a nice long bit of gameplay that shows off if we are just going to be running and gunning or if we can set up traps as we see in the trailer. There is a bit of talk about needing to slip between stealth and gunplay during the missions, but that is also like many other titles we have mentioned here. So, it is hard to tell. Nonetheless, I am still curious to see just what Den Of Wolves is going to offer us all beyond the basics of running and gunning out there. Also, to see how close it gets to the place we are in reality and if we should be worried we will get right to the same place out there.

What thoughts do you have about Den Of Wolves and will it be more of a reskinned version of a title we have played many times over? Do you think that we can do the whole game in stealth or will we have to unload many rounds in the world just because the game dictates it? Will this new security system be darker than presumed or will it be something to truly save humanity down the line? Head to the comments to discuss it all and let the world know your thoughts. We will share all that we can for Den Of Wolves going forward, so please keep on coming back to see and hear about all of that as we get closer to this doomed future of ours.

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