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Get The Merch Soon In The New Gameplay For HYENAS

Get The Merch Soon In The New Gameplay For HYENAS


More gameplay for HYENAS is here to help show off what is coming and when the beta will start up for HYENAS

New gameplay just keeps on flowing out there for HYENAS as we get ever closer to the first big milestone of the game. That being when SEGA and Creative Assembly are ready for the select few to get their hands on the closed beta for the game. A beta that will kick off on August 31st here so we can see just what HYENAS will give us all besides some over-the-top footage. That and some zero-G combat mixed in with hunting down all of the ‘merch’ the game will hold in the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. That being all in-game stuff and not more things you will have to buy to fully experience the game. At least, that is the hope.

Now that we have a better idea of when we could be playing HYENAS, it is time to dig into just what we have to look at now. One more fast-paced and hectic shooter with some weird weapons in the mix. I am talking about a gun that shoots out foam that hardens and locks players in place. That or builds up walls that can be used in various ways. All while mixing in all manner of other firearms to shoot each other with while hunting down statues of Sonic in the mix. It is a SEGA game and I am sure that HYENAS will be filled with all of those little things. It even looks like we are going to get a costume to wear that will be close to the look of Sonic too. I am guessing that this is all part of the ‘merch’ we will win in the matches. All of the cosmetics we can put on to make ourselves stand out from the others in the world.

HYENAS — Gameplay

This is HYENAS. Feast your eyes on our explosive full gameplay reveal trailer and get ready to create chaos, fly in zero-G, and most importantly: GET. THE. MERCH.

HYENAS is a hero-based, multiplayer extraction shooter. Choose a Hyena to play as – each with a unique weapon, ability, and personality – to form a crew of three and steal valuable Merch. The action takes place on vast, themed ‘Plunderships’ returning to Mars from Earth, loaded with salvaged Merch for your crew to steal.

Competing with four other raiding crews, your goal is to find and crack secured vaults, then steal enough Merch to make your escape. Standing in your way are not only rival players but also the “MURFs” – security forces who will fight to the death to protect the precious cargo.

Once a team has stolen enough Merch, they activate the Plundership’s VIP Extraction, which is revealed on the map. You must find it and make your getaway or stop others from making theirs. The crew that escapes first is the winner, so make sure it’s you!

Fast and frenetic combat is enhanced by the unique weaponry and ability of each Hyena. Additionally, each Plundership features zero gravity areas, some of which can be toggled on and off. Gunfights take on an entirely new dimension, literally, when gravity is no longer a concern. Enemy players can come at you from any direction, so you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel – or make sure to ambush them first.

I would be lying if I did not say I thought that HYENAS does look like it could be filled with all kinds of fun potential out there. I would also be lying if I did not say it looks like a lot of other battle royale games or hero-shooter games out there. A rather basic shooter title that is going to rely on the weirdness and dumbness of humans to make it look edgy while being another by-the-numbers kind of ordeal. That is not to say I will not give HYENAS a solid chance, but in a world where we get games that lean into the ‘dumb’ or ‘silly’ of internet fads, it is doing little to make it feel like it has any staying power to me. Sure, it will be huge when it launches, just like other games like it, but only a very select few might stick around if it does not offer up more than some silliness and weirdness for a short time.

Will you be trying to get in on the closed beta for HYENAS or will you be holding out until a full launch hits us all? Do you think there will be more ‘merch’ in the game than needed or will it be the usual customizable options with some leaning toward the developer’s and publisher’s histories? Do you think there is more to this game than hitting the instant gratification buttons of the brain with the ‘dumb’ or will that be what draws more of the humans into this one to get a quick fix for a short time? Tell us all of your thoughts on this in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you so wish to do. There should be more for HYENAS on the way to us all, so please keep on checking in for all of those updates and many others.

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