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We Are Getting A Sly Cooper Movie. Start Rejoicing!

We Are Getting A Sly Cooper Movie. Start Rejoicing!

Sony has released a teaser for an upcoming Sly Cooper feature film. See it in its CGI goodness and wait for the 2016 release.

Who here is a Sly Cooper fan? You know, the “gentleman thief” that warmed out hearts on the PS2 and then recently on the PS3 and Vita. Still don’t know who I am talking about then click here for more details as we don’t have time to go back and go over all the adventures of this anthropomorphic raccoon and friends. Feel free to come back once you’ve done your research.

Ok, so you are back or never left. Let’s move on.

If you direct your eyes below you will see a lovely two minute “teaser” for the upcoming film with the same name, Sly Cooper, as the titular character of the franchise. As this is a teaser for the film that is already in production I would say it is safe to assume that none of the mishaps in the clip will have anything to do with the final product; sans the characters and environmental art theme. But damn it sure is fun and reminds me of when I was playing Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus close to twelve years ago. Yea, it’s been that long. Feel old now?

Either way, it is a fun little tease that has left me excited to move forward with all of the big films in the next few years. I can only hope that we have another game in the Sly Cooper franchise to look forward to in that amount of time as well. Who knows though? Now it is back to playing The Sly Collection as nostalgia has set in…

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