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Here We Go With The First Screens For Tales From The Borderlands

Here We Go With The First Screens For Tales From The Borderlands

Tales From The Borderlands

Telltale Games and Gearbox Software have released a small set of screen shots from their upcoming title Tales From The Borderlands.

It is time for all of you Borderlands fans to lose you shit as we now have the first official screen shots for the Telltale and Gearbox collaboration Tales From The Borderlands. To be honest, they also look exactly how I imagined everything would look for the game as well. As the original announcement and showcasing presented it would look just like Borderlands 2 as far as what is on screen with a stylized version of the dialog controls Telltale uses in all of their episodic games. I bet it wouldn’t be too far out there to expect any QTE commands to have the same stylized look here but the same mechanics and placement as with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

Here have a look at these screens for Tales From The Borderlands.

Did we really expect anything less here? For that matter, did we expect anything more for Tales From The Borderlands? I know I didn’t but buzz around the net has already been all up on the hype train as I am sure those of you here who have lost your shit over these have already jumped on. Now if only these screens came with any real new information for the game. Outside of seeing that Zer0 is being shown in the story, one vault hunter confirmed, these are really all we have in terms of news and updates that haven’t already been covered from PAX.

Ok, well that is not fully true. It looks like Tales From The Borderlands will be following the same episodic price and season pass price as every other episodic game that Telltale is putting out right now. Yep, $4.99 per episode that should lead to the $20 season pass for the whole shebang. Not too shocking or real news worthy but at least you can say you walked away knowing more about Tales From The Borderlands now.