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Go Into The Urban Jungle With Battlefield: Hardline

Go Into The Urban Jungle With Battlefield: Hardline

Battlefield: Hardline

EA and Visceral Games have made Battlefield: Hardline official and here is the trailer for the game to prove it

I guess it only took a few ‘leaks’ of Battlefield: Hardline before EA and Visceral decided to let the secret out into the wild. It is sad that all of these other ‘reputable’ and ‘deserving of early footage’ outlets have decided to ruin the fun and excitement that I am sure EA was looking for at E3 but what is done is done. We can now be certain that Battlefield: Hardline is coming and that we will hopefully be getting a nice long look at it on the show floor and moving forward in the coming months leading up to the full launch of the game.

October 21st for those who may be wondering and haven’t just jumped down to the trailer already. That is the date, most likely the NA date, which we have been given. Thankful that also means that Battlefield: Hardline will be another title making up for the void of all the other delayed titles that were supposed to come out around then. Not to mention that it is yet another Battlefield title for all the franchise fans and it looks like a nice new way to play cops and robbers in nicer than life HD. No more finger guns and fake handcuffs.

Just as with every other major title coming out here I am sure that we will get to see a whole lot more for Battlefield: Hardline at E3. That will most likely include actual gameplay and hands on with the game so we can let you know exactly how well the game plays. Also just like the other titles listed on the site, we will update as we can about Battlefield: Hardline as I know most of you who are reading this are clamoring at the bits to get anything you can; including beta codes. Check back soon and often…

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