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Have A Good Look At Someone Stumble Through The Bloodborne Alpha

Have A Good Look At Someone Stumble Through The Bloodborne Alpha


YouTube users have been showing off some of the combat, environments, and enemies for Bloodborne during the current alpha test of the game

The Bloodborne alpha test is underway. With that we can expect to see a whole bunch of new video footage of the game as users trudge through to help From Software perfect Bloodborne for its February 6th 2015 release date. Like I said though, that also means that we are going to see a whole lot of new footage being streamed via the PS4’s service straight tot YouTube, Twitch, and Ustream. Whichever all the kids are using nowadays.

In fact, since you clicked in here we have a nice little Bloodborne surprise for you as we have a few of those said videos just a bit below. Didn’t take long for people to start sharing their own experience at playing the level that Bloodborne was debuted with at E3. The major difference being that we no get to see how Bloodborne handles in the hands of users and not the developers. We also get to see all of the other “classes” and weapons that have been closely guarded for so long until now. All kinds of awesomeness wrapped up into one package.

I’ve watched through quite a bit of these Bloodborne videos so far and I am still a bit cautiously optimistic for the game. As you will see below, I have no clue why anyone would opt to use the Kirkhammer as their main weapon. It does dole out a whole lot of damage to the enemies but there is so much windup for the hit I’m surprised the enemies wait around to jump out and get you… wait a minute… no I’m not. The sit and watch as one of your allies takes on the hero one at a time fighting style plagues Bloodborne and the creepy enemies. Is that how they combat the slow attack speeds maybe?

Be excited or not for Bloodborne. It won’t change the fact that we are going to have a flood of new footage to gawk at and wish we were playing too.

Bloodborne — Standard Class

Bloodborne — Kirkhammer Class

Bloodborne — Crows And Mini bosses

Bloodborne — Boss Fight

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