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Harmonix Is Making A FPS Called Chroma? Say What?

Harmonix Is Making A FPS Called Chroma? Say What?


Chroma is the latest title that has been announced from Harmonix; the minds behind Rock Band…

When you hear that Harmonix is working on a new title one would think some kind of rhythm title and not an FPS but that is what we are getting with the recently announced Chroma. Yes, the Rock Band/Dance Central legends are moving on to a FPS. Granted it is a ‘music-driven’ FPS title but still. This is not completely what I expected from the company.

Now that the shock is a bit over let’s take a look at what Chroma is about. Here’s the announcement trailer.

Ok, so not actual footage and just something fancy to tell us that Chroma is coming. Time to turn to the internet and search the game’s website for details.

So it looks like Chroma, as I stated above, is a music-driven FPS where the game’s soundtrack is actually your weapon. It is still not completely clear how you will be wielding said weapons but it sounds like a cool concept. The trailer leans more to the side of creating the soundtrack as you hunt down your opponent but it is looking to be the opposite from Chroma‘s website.

We will also get to ‘band’ together in Chroma and that the landscape of the battle fields will also be changing at key points in the songs. This is starting to sound like a dub steppers dream now. I am not really seeing how anything else can be mixed in with ease. Then again, I have a feeling I am still not seeing the bigger picture yet. Hopefully we will get to see some of this in action soon.

Either way, Chroma is set to launch sometime this year as a free-to-play PC title. If you want to get a head start with Chroma you can sign up for the Alpha test and most likely a Beta test after that. What do you think of Chroma from what has been shown and announced?