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Head Out To The Old Slaughterhouse In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Head Out To The Old Slaughterhouse In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Hear one more track for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre before we head down to the slaughterhouse in the deep parts of Texas

One more track for the soundtrack to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is here again and this one takes us all deeper into the world with the old slaughterhouse. This seems to be another of the maps we will be surviving or killing in when Sumo Nottingham has the game done for us all on May 25th here. Another of the maps that will take us even further into the depths of Texas out there in this universe and show how horrible some of the locations could be. Even if this one seems a little more on the brighter side of things without all of the other blood and saws going off everywhere. I guess that is why we have more of the music to draw us into it all for now.

That does seem to be the bigger focus here for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, with the new location being shown more than the music. It is a very melodic track and the second one given to us from the official soundtrack, but at this point, most of them feel like they are about the same. It could just be how the tone comes across and such for me more than anything. That is why I seemed to focus more on the various areas we will be running through to keep ourselves going. It does feel like it could be more fenced off when the main game launches, but that extra closeness will make for more intense matches. Have a look and a listen to what we have and see the new map in the heart of Texas that will keep us from making it all out alive.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre — The Old Slaughterhouse

The second track off The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Game Official Soundtrack is “The Old Slaughterhouse” shown here with some footage of our Slaughterhouse map.

By Ross Tregenza, featuring Wes Keltner

Does the music feel like it is close to the same all the time or have I grown too desensitized to it all by now? Does this look like something that would still be in production in Texas today or still something pulled from the IP and universe more than anything? Will we be able to clear some of these fences in the mix of things or will this be how we get forced to stay close to each other in the game? Feel free to let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking about when it comes to all of this. There will be more for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as we get closer to launch, so please keep coming back to see and hear it all as you so wish. We do appreciate that about you here.

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