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Hear The Level Of Detail In The Audio For inFAMOUS Second Son

Hear The Level Of Detail In The Audio For inFAMOUS Second Son

inFAMOUS Second Son

A New Trailer For inFAMOUS Second Son Has Emerged But This Time The Focus Is On The Sounds And Not The Sights. Have A Listen.

We are so close to the launch of inFAMOUS Second Son and all anyone has really talked about is how great the game looks and the amazing powers we are going to get to wield. There are so many other aspects that we take for granted when it comes to our games so why don’t we take a moment and hear our games. In this case we are talking about how specifically the audio was designed and implemented in the game to add that wonderful extra little spice to add to the fun.

I’ll let the guys from Sucker Punch explain how the audio direction went in inFAMOUS Second Son but I want to note some very specific things. Like the fact that they were able to give each object its very own sound in the game and have it react even closer to the real world counterparts. The description they show, I’ll be honest I glossed over it in the past, is the destruction of the guard towers and structures. Even more specific is that each object has its own sound based on the collision it makes. Something I am sure none of us will consciously notice as we are hard pressed to single out a sound in the chaos but on an unconscious level we know it is right for the world.

Kind of an interesting thing to think about. Here is the video showing the audio guys at Sucker Punch doing what they do best. Let’s see if we can hear all this when inFAMOUS Second Son lands on Friday (3/21/14). If I didn’t already have so many things to look at in the game already now I have to keep a close ear on things.

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