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Heavenly Sword Is Finally Getting The CG Movie Treatment

Heavenly Sword Is Finally Getting The CG Movie Treatment

Heavenly Sword

It Has Been Announced That There Is A Heavenly Sword Feature Film In The Works… With A Trailer

So it looks like instead of getting a Heavenly Sword sequel we are getting a full CG feature film for the game’s franchise. Why this is I cannot fathom, but none the less it has now been announced that we are getting a Heavenly Sword film. What is it all about? What will it look like? Who is playing who? Is the story picking up where the game ended? Some of these questions can be answered by checking out the trailer below. Let’s do that real quickly.

There you have it. The Heavenly Sword film looks pretty much to be the original story that we all played through when the game first came out. Or at least some version of it can be assumed since most of the villains Nariko and Kai had to kill before are still mucking around in the world. Not to mention that the narrated story here is just that of the Heavenly Sword anyways. At least they have Anna Torv reprising the role of Narkio. That is definitely a plus.

What does worry me here is that there is no mention of Kai at all yet all of the villains of Heavenly Sword look to be represented. Kai was one of my favorite parts of Heavenly Sword and was made me so excited back when Heavenly Sword 2 was in the rumor mill. She was slated to be the main character of that game as an FYI. I’ll take a chill pill for now as we are still in the waits for all of the full announcements but I don’t know if the story will have the same feel without Kai.

Any-who, that is all the new updates we have for the Heavenly Sword film. Keep an eye out in the wild and here as I will be updating, and hopefully ecstatic by the addition of Kai, as we get details.