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Heavenly Sword Movie Is Coming This September & Here’s A Trailer

Heavenly Sword Movie Is Coming This September & Here’s A Trailer

The film adaptation for Heavenly Sword will be released on September 2nd for all to enjoy

Back in February we had our last look at the CGI film version of Heavenly Sword. Today we are greeted with a new trailer that explains a bit more of the story for those of you who have yet to play the game. For those of you who have played the game though you can also enjoy seeing how they are making changes to make watching it just as fun as playing Heavenly Sword when it first released.

Here is the latest trailer for Heavenly Sword the movie straight from the exclusive clutches of IGN. *grumble*

It’s been seven years since I last played Heavenly Sword from start to finish but I don’t remember Nariko trying to give the sword to a brother. In fact that was one of the huge selling points of the game was to empower the female characters and not pass the power off to a male. Yes, that sounds a bit ‘feminazi’ but that was part of the allure to Heavenly Sword for me back then. At least it seems like they have Kai unchanged here.

None the less, the Heavenly Sword movie will be available to purchase on DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital on September 2nd. Only a few months’ time now. I’ll most likely be picking it up and completing another play through for Heavenly Sword to be able to compare and contrast. Who knows, maybe I’ll even throw out an awesome review here. I guess we’ll see.

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