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Here’s A Look At Pavilion, The Fourth Person Adventure

Here’s A Look At Pavilion, The Fourth Person Adventure


Pavilion is a PS4 and PS Vita title coming soon and we have the first real trailer for the game. Also, what is fourth person?

I know I have heard of Pavilion before today but it has only ever been in lists of PS4 titles coming soon. Chances are most of you haven’t heard of the game either. Don’t fret though; most of us haven’t as it really looks to be like a sleeper hit the likes of Journey. Before we move on in terms of details, let me show you the new trailer for Pavilion and all of its M.C. Escher feel.

So that is Pavilion. It really looks to be like a fun adventure game from Visiontrick Media and Sony Japan. While I don’t understand what they mean by ‘fourth person’ I am loving the artistic vision of the game’s world and the chosen music. The mechanics also seem very basic so Pavilion will probably be one of those addictive ‘casual’ games we play between the PS4 and Vita while on the go or waiting around.

Now I keep using the fourth person, mainly because that is how the game is being described, but what does that really mean? According to what has been posted on the PS Blog it is in reference to the fact that you are supposed to be feeling like you are guiding the main character in Pavilion more than playing him. If that makes any sense.

Also worth noting is that part of this ‘fourth person’ experience is that there will be no tutorials or in game guides on how to play Pavilion. We will be left to our own devices as we try to figure out how to guide the in-game character on how to figure out the puzzle at hand. Sounds very interesting, artsy, and right up my alley in game form. I am totally looking forward to Pavilion and more news on the game.

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