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Here’s What You May Have Missed For H1Z1 At E3

Here’s What You May Have Missed For H1Z1 At E3


The E3 demo for H1Z1 has been released to the public at large for those who couldn’t check it out

Just in case you were not able to check out H1Z1 at E3 this year, SOE has given us a quick breakdown of what was shown as well as the state of the game. You’ll be able to see it better when you look at the full video below but it is starting to look much better than it has in weeks past. Not to mention that the crafting system is given more time in the limelight and explains how you make all the cool little zombie killing things in H1Z1.

Not only that, but we get to see the dynamic world that we can alter once we get in and start playing. In this instance it is only a single tree that gets cut down but if you think about the dynamic world of H1Z1 that could be a game changer in its self. As they explain it can be anything from an early warning system to a great tracking device for other unsuspecting survivors. Hells it could even be a lure and that is only one minor aspect of the things we will be able to do when we actually get to play the game.

I personally am enjoying where it looks like H1Z1 is going here. At first it looked like a clone for so many other titles out there. It still does a bit but it looks like a vast improvement over those other titles. Granted, the closest one that I have actually played that looks similar was Don’t Starve but H1Z1 is going leaps and bounds beyond that form of game. At least as I see it. You all have your own thoughts as it is so love it or hate it.

Currently there is no announced release or beta date announced for H1Z1 but it has to be soon. I’m also curious to see how the game handles on the PS4 as all we have seen has been the PC version but I guess I can wait. It looks like the wait will be worth it.

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