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Here’s Some More Fact From Myth For BioShock Infinite’s DLC

Here’s Some More Fact From Myth For BioShock Infinite’s DLC

BioShock Infinite

We still don’t have a solid date on when we can expect the story DLC for BioShock Infinite, but that doesn’t stop the train of fun. Most fans of the franchise can’t wait to go back into Rapture with Booker and Elizabeth. I’d be lying if I wasn’t interested in see if this will be a side story to BioShock and not just another side dimension that takes place in Rapture with no real hooks to the original story. I’m going to guess that it is a side dimension with considerable similarities to the original Rapture we wandered in BioShock and BioShock 2, but we’ll see.

Any-who, just as they had for the launch of Infinite, Irrational has another fun and informative clip for the new DLC Burial At Sea. It kind of alludes to the fact that someone from Rapture escaped around the time of the start of the insanity and has information about Booker and Elizabeth. Über fans feel free to give it a watch and speculate on what it is trying to tell the world. Everyone else who cares about back story have a fun time watching the minute and a half.

One more aside before you move on to the rest of your day. Irrational has also been gracious enough to let loose the ten extra trophies/achievements that will be coming along with the first episode of the DLC. If you want to see what needs to be done and don’t really care about the minor spoilers, then click here. If you want to be surprised, then have a good rest of your day.


Just as we published this there was a new trailer for the Burial At Sea DLC released. Well more of a first look at the first five minutes of the new adventure. It kind of shows off the fact that Booker and Elizabeth are not all that new to the world of Vigors or Plasmids, depending on which ‘universe’ this is. It also shows a little bit on the Little Sisters upbringing in the world of Rapture and I’m guessing the overall story of the DLC will explain more. Either way, if you can’t wait for this DLC and don’t care about minor spoilers, then check it out below.

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