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More Than An Hour Of New The Evil Within Gameplay…Of The Same Level

More Than An Hour Of New The Evil Within Gameplay…Of The Same Level

The Evil Within

Last week Bethesda and Tango Gameworks streamed more than an hour of The Evil Within gameplay footage and we have it here for you

Did you miss the live stream of The Evil Within that Bethesda held last week? You did? Well then you missed out on an hour worth of gameplay for The Evil Within being played live on the internet. Lucky for you we caught the whole event as well as have all the archived footage of what was played just below for your viewing pleasure. Just try not to let the gameplay scare you as it did the guy who was playing live for us all.

Since I know that some of your time is precious to you let me give a quick heads up on this ‘new’ footage for The Evil Within. It isn’t really all that new as it is part of the same demo that has been playable since E3 back in June. Granted it is now a much longer chapter and no longer chapter eight of The Evil Within but that is something that can’t really be seen here as for the most part it all looks like the same areas with just the enemy randomizer cranked up a bit. I guess that can be considered new for all of those out there who have had the pleasure of experiencing The Evil Within already…

If you have made it this far in I guess there is nothing more than to leave you with the stream for The Evil Within now. It is looking to be like a title that will bring the horror to Halloween this year; at least everything outside of this chapter that has been done to death. Pun intended. I guess in a way I am happy that we are only being shown this little sub-section of the game.

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