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HYENAS Lets Us All Loose On A New Plunder Riot

HYENAS Lets Us All Loose On A New Plunder Riot


New gameplay for HYENAS is here to get us all ready for the closed beta for HYENAS going on right now

Things are ready to pop off for HYENAS in the way of a closed beta out there for PC gamers to enjoy. As long as you have thrown in with Creative Assembly and SEGA to get that all set up already. There is still time for that since it just started out on August 31st for those willing to go in. For those that are looking to experience HYENAS on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S, you are just going to have to deal with seeing the gameplay from others for now. Gameplay that we also have a little bit of so we can see how a match in the game could play out. Even if some of it feels a little predictable at this point.

For those not able to head out and play HYENAS as of these words getting written, you can just look a bit lower to see how three different teams will be going at it all in a match. All in different ways, yet ending about as one would expect in a hero shooter. The camping team wins. That is, one team goes in loud, one tries to sneak, and then once they have picked up the “Merch” in the match, the game lets everyone know they are trying to extract. In HYENAS, it looks like there is an option to “VIP” extract if you have enough things saved up, but that just means that where you have to go will be broadcast to all of the other players. Hence why the campers are able to just swoop in at the last moment and steal the win. Do not believe it? Have a look at the gameplay of this match just below.

HYENAS — Plunder Riot

What does a game of HYENAS look like? Like this!

Give yourself an early advantage for the PC Closed Beta starting on August 31.

HYENAS is a hero-based, multiplayer extraction shooter. Choose a Hyena to play as – each with a unique weapon, ability, and personality – to form a crew of three and steal valuable Merch. The action takes place on vast, themed ‘Plunderships’ returning to Mars from Earth, loaded with salvaged Merch for your crew to steal.

Competing with four other raiding crews, your goal is to find and crack secured vaults, then steal enough Merch to make your escape. Standing in your way are not only rival players but also the “MURFs” – security forces who will fight to the death to protect the precious cargo.

Once a team has stolen enough Merch, they activate the Plundership’s VIP Extraction, which is revealed on the map. You must find it and make your getaway or stop others from making theirs. The crew that escapes first is the winner, so make sure it’s you!

Fast and frenetic combat is enhanced by the unique weaponry and ability of each Hyena. Additionally, each Plundership features zero gravity areas, some of which can be toggled on and off. Gunfights take on an entirely new dimension, literally, when gravity is no longer a concern. Enemy players can come at you from any direction, so you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel – or make sure to ambush them first.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what is going on here for HYENAS, but when the mention of VIP extraction happens, it feels like it should be something that once all of the team arrives there is no countdown. This does not seem the case here, but maybe they were just missing a team member in the mix of it all. It just seems like this would be the main way to win all of the time since it is known where the winning team is once the extraction part is kicked off. This could be what the beta is for when it comes to HYENAS. You know, to make sure that players are not going to keep using this option and make the game a misery to play for those just trying to get into it all. Humans are the worst when it comes to just trying to have fun out there. This is why multiplayer games have never been my thing in general.

Will you be diving into the mix of the beta for HYENAS or will you be waiting for the full release to drop out there? Will things like what I spoke of get ironed out or will they be left in hoping for the best of humans to be playing this game? How else do you think this match could have played out or will it always just be easier to kill all of the opponents so you can just saunter out of the match as you wish? Head into the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer up for the game. There will be more for HYENAS after all of this, I am sure, so please keep on coming back here to see and hear all of it.

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