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Infestation 88 Brings More Of The Iconic Rodents To Attack Us All

Infestation 88 Brings More Of The Iconic Rodents To Attack Us All

Infestation 88

The announcement for Infestation 88 is here to use a massive public domain character into horror in Infestation 88

We knew it was going to happen once some IPs started to hit the public domain, and within hours of it happening, here we go with Infestation 88. A new horror title coming from Nightmare Forge Games that will be using that nostalgia of a hundred-year-old character to help bring some different frights into the mix. It is unclear if it can be stated which one directly since they are sticking clear of naming anything directly, but you can have a look at Infestation 88 and see just what they are going for. As long as this PC game does not get hammered down by the original IP owner in various ways that are still out there. Now we have to hope for that and that there is more going on with the game than just the shock of it all.

You can see a bit of Infestation 88 in action just a bit lower down but it might not be fully clear what is going on in terms of the game. This is a one to four-player co-op survival title where we are playing as a team of exterminators called in to take care of an infestation problem. Sometimes it looks like it could be bugs and other times mice or rats. All so we can see the bigger face of Infestation 88 pop out and use the classic character to its mysterious ends out there. It feels a little off to lean into that a bit more while the character does not feel like it will be the most prominent thing in the horror space. Have a gander and see what is going on in this horror title now.

Infestation 88 — Reveal

A co-op horror in which you’re an exterminator treating sinister infestations caused by twisted versions of classic characters and urban legends.

In the year 1988, what was thought to be an outbreak of vermin morphed into something far more sinister. Infestation 88 is an episodic, 1-4 player co-op survival horror game in which you and your friends are exterminators called in to treat these mysterious infestations.

Gather Your Team:

  • Private & Public Lobbies – Play with friends, join a public lobby, or play alone for a further challenge.
  • Proximity & Global Voice Chat – Communicate with your team using both in-game positional and global voice chat.
  • Strategize Your Mission – Spread out to treat the infestation faster or stick together for safety.

Eliminate The Infestation:

  • Find The Source – Explore unique locations and uncover the story behind how each infestation began. Find the means to access and unlock new areas. Use cameras to keep an eye on activity. Maintain power to enable different systems. Find the source at all costs.
  • Treat The Infestation – Utilize a variety of extermination gear to subdue the outbreak. Eradicate all nests and monstrous fiends lurking throughout. Run when you can, hide, help your friends – just don’t fall victim to the infestation’s spread.
  • Survive – Prepare to face and eliminate a horrific entity, with each episode containing a distinct classic character or urban legend responsible for the infestation.


  • Replayability – Randomized item layouts, unpredictable AI, custom settings, and more
  • Progression – Gain experience, skins, perks, items, and other unlockables
  • NVIDIA DLSS Support – Experience stunning visuals without sacrificing frame rate

*This game is inspired by works that are now in the public domain. This independent creation has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by any original authors of said works. All content in this game is used under appropriate public domain guidelines, and is not affiliated with, related to, or endorsed by any existing intellectual property or trademark holders.

So, to me, Infestation 88 feels like it is a title that is just rushing out to hit the market as fast as possible for the public domain character out there now. We have seen it for the Winnie-The-Pooh when that happened and it was not great. It was all about the shock and awe of it all and not much more. This is what Infestation 88 feels like it is going to be. Something just to capitalize on the craze and then leave us all wanting to have something decent out there. Sure, this one is heading into Early Access at this point and there is time to make it great, but I am not going to hold any breath on that ever happening out there. Just stay cautiously optimistic and see if it just starts a trend to offer up other great experiences that are not just rushing out there for now.

Are you at all surprised to see a title like Infestation 88 out there or was it expected to land that fast from the IP opening up? Do you think it will be a solid title to enjoy or will it be something just to claim they used the character first out there? How many times do you think we will face this massive rodent out there in the game or will it only be when we face off against all of the rates? Take to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to share with the world out there. More will come for Infestation 88, so please keep a close eye on the site for all of those updates and many, many more.

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