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Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets Offers Up Some New & Nightmarish Gameplay

Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets Offers Up Some New & Nightmarish Gameplay

Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets

Fight off more puppets and mannequins with Jack Holmes with some of the new gameplay we have for Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets

These horror titles as of late sure do like to dive into the use of other IPs for inspiration, and we have one more with the latest gameplay we have to share for Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets. This is a new survival horror, first-person shooter title coming from TonyDevGame and Perp Games later in 2024 for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A title that will have us playing as Jack Holmes who is going about a different theme park-type setting as all manner of dolls, puppets, mascots, and the like have come to life so they can end Jack’s. A rather standard affair with a nice extra twist of adding in the pediophobia that many have out there. That is the term for the fear of dolls or inanimate, humanlike objects before you think it is something different.

All of that sounds like a standard kind of horror title from a solo developer or small-team developer out there. What is interesting to see for Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets, is that we are getting nods to other IPs in the mix for us all to shoot up. All under the guise of them being the results of experiments on children that our protagonist does not take too well. In fact, it is listed that all of this going on in Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets has made the character unhinged with the loss of family. So, a lot of the things we see might be linked to their own trauma out there or a memory of some enjoyment from a lost child in the mix. Interesting to hear when seeing some of those cozy games brought to life in this one.

Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets — Gameplay

Survival Horror in first person where you must manage your ammunition well, explore varied scenarios, and face nightmarish beings while investigating the macabre experiments with children, the result of a mind unhinged by madness and family loss.

If you are not able to tell from the trailer or everything else I mentioned for Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets, we get a look of something that feels like Animal Crossing come to life in this game. Along with nods to various other dolls and puppets that have been friendly or not-so-friendly in other video games. One could say this was inspiration to flip something that is normally safe on its head, but with the use of fonts and iconography in Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets, it could be a bit more than that. Hence why there was the mention of the character losing their mind a bit. Like, what if, that section of the game is a dark memory of playing that game with his lost child and our character is blaming the game for losing time with them? A stretch, maybe, but something that feels like it could be part of the narrative.

Are you excited to see what else Jack Holmes has to offer in the world of horror or will this be an indie title for a small group of the community? Will we see other nods to other games in the mix of it all or will this be the closest that the developer will get to anything like that? Could it all be a coping mechanism for our protagonist in the game or just something fun to nod to for players who wanted to shoot all of those animals out there? Head to the comment section to discuss all of this and everything else we have to offer up out there. More will be on the way to us for Jack Holmes: Master Of Puppets soon, and you just need to keep on coming back to see and hear all about it.

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