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Join The Chaos Squad In Sunset Overdrive’s Multiplayer Mode

Join The Chaos Squad In Sunset Overdrive’s Multiplayer Mode

Sunset Overdrive

A new multiplayer mode for Sunset Overdrive has been announced with a trailer showing off all of the new chaos

Can Sunset Overdrive get any wackier? Most likely but the new co-op mode, Chaos Squad, shows off quite a bit of the insanity that we will have to deal with on October 28th via our Xbox One’s and Xbox Live. If that is your jam and all. I mean who would want to play a game like Sunset Overdrive in a multiplayer aspect? Eight people running, flipping, and shooting bowling balls around like they are nothing; bah…no one would want to do that.

Of course I jest.

So what is this Chaos Squad mode in Sunset Overdrive? It is an eight player co-op mode where players will enter in wearing all of their gear from the solo game and vote on which missions that the group will tackle. Then all the players will be able to run around the open world killing all of the infected beings in the world and causing as much chaos as possible. That is for a few rounds and then things move into the final mode called Night Defense. From the sounds of it all of these Chaos Squad plays will end this way.

Night Defense is where everything kind of goes into a Tower Defense style of game where players will get to set traps and prep for each wave of enemies to rush them. Night Defense in Sunset Overdrive is a bit more dynamic than a basic Tower Defense as you will be able to move traps and attack the mutants personally but at the core that is what the mode is. So it is a lot like having two modes in one here. I guess that is where the Chaos comes in.

When all has cleared all participants of the Chaos Squad will be awarded a variety of things that you can take back into your solo play of Sunset Overdrive. This includes in-game cash, costume gear, and weapons that can only be earned via the multiplayer match. I have a feeling that will be the case for all of the multiplayer modes for Sunset Overdrive but Chaos Squad is the only announced mode for that as of right now. I’m sure there are many more to come in the months leading up to release.

Just in case my words didn’t paint an amazing picture for this multiplayer mode in Sunset Overdrive here is the trailer with a bit more explanation. Have fun and see you in the Chaos.