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Jurassic Park: Survival Takes Us Back Into The Action Of The Original Story

Jurassic Park: Survival Takes Us Back Into The Action Of The Original Story

Jurassic Park: Survival

Head back into Jurassic Park again with a new video game that was announced for us all with Jurassic Park: Survival

Those looking for more dinosaur action need to get amped up a little bit with the announcement we had for Jurassic Park: Survival during this year’s stream of The Game Awards. This is a new title that Saber Interactive have been working on in the IP and looking to take us to the island again. Only this time, it will be an action-adventure title that takes place shortly after the events of the original Jurassic Park. The film version, as you will see, since there are some differences from the books. Nonetheless, we are getting it and on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC once it is all done. Here we go with a brief look at what it will hold for us all.

In Jurassic Park: Survival, we are picking up in the role of Dr. Maya Joshi. Dr. Joshi just happens to be one of the doctors on the island who did not make it to the escape or evac point in the main story. All leading to them needing to survive the dinosaurs loose on the island as well as find a way to make it off. Not an easy task at all, but one we will have to undertake as we jump, run, and perform various other actions in the game to make sure we do not become lunch. Something we get a little bit of a look at in the following trailer for Jurassic Park: Survival. Even if a good portion of it all is using Dr. Joshi to recreate some of the iconic scenes from the film. Hence why we mentioned it was based more on the films than the books when it comes to this game.

Jurassic Park: Survival — Announcement

At The Game Awards, Saber Interactive, in partnership with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, announced a new video game 65 million years in the making: Jurassic Park: Survival. In development and to be published by Saber for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, this single-player action-adventure game is the immersive experience Jurassic Park fans have always dreamed of. Players will return to a fully realized Isla Nublar filled with living dinosaurs and be part of an all-new story set the day after the events of the beloved 1993 Jurassic Park film from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment.

Welcome to Jurassic Park: Survival. Players will take on the role of Dr. Maya Joshi, an InGen scientist who was unable to evacuate Isla Nublar, in an original adventure made for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise and those who revel in narrative-driven games. They’ll be challenged to survive an intense mix of first-person stealth and action in thrilling encounters with dinosaurs, each with their own distinct and adaptive behaviors brought to life by John Hammond’s vision. Players will be able to dive into a lush world full of wonder, mystery, and danger as two species separated by 65 million years come face to face in an all-new adventure.

Key Features:

  • Explore Isla Nublar – Players will venture through a fully realized Isla Nublar filled with reactive wildlife, dinosaurs, and other surprising threats. From the iconic towering park gates to the Visitor Center and beyond, Jurassic Park comes alive like never before.
  • Evade Prehistoric Predators – Players will outsmart, escape, and interact with the film’s iconic dinosaurs. They’ll use their ingenuity through distraction and stealth to navigate intense and unforgettable encounters in a journey to outlast some of the deadliest creatures to ever walk the earth.
  • Survive The Island – Players will be challenged to explore the park and face its dangers. They’ll use all the resources at their disposal to find intelligent solutions to endure the many threats lurking on Isla Nublar.

I am honestly shocked it has taken this long to get a true action title set back in the Jurassic Park setting. At least one like this one that looks to mix in some of the horrors of the situation in addition to the action of it all. It was well-indicated that not everyone was able to make it to the docs or helicopters that were not the main cast of characters, and now we are going to get to see one of those stories played out. In a way that looks and feels like it will hold some of the same wonder and tension that the original Jurassic Park film did. I just wish we had more gameplay to look at and fewer nostalgia scenes to remind us why we should be excited about this IP again.

Have you been looking for a game that takes place back in the 193 Jurassic Park film of it all or were you glad to have the park simulation games in general? Will this be a new story for us all or just one that is a bit of a clone of the main one just with a character that they do not need to get the rights to use? Could we get some true horror mixed in with this action or will we just be badass the whole game even if we are just a basic doctor? take to the comments and discuss all of this as you so wish. We will have much more for Jurassic Park: Survival to share as development continues, so please keep on checking back here for those updates and many more.

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