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Did We Just Get A Kano Slip For Mortal Kombat X?

Did We Just Get A Kano Slip For Mortal Kombat X?

Mortal Kombat X

A few new images for Mortal Kombat X have cropped up online and it looks like Kano is up next for reveal

The internet can’t keep anything sacred and fun for reveal and the latest Mortal Kombat X outing speaks directly to that. It looks like a few screen grabs from a German magazine have found their way from the editing room to the internet and it pretty much confirms Kano as a returning fighter to Mortal Kombat X. It sure looks like Kano and the brief description in the bottom corner looks to be all about his “Wrestling-Kano” fighting style. Unless this is an elaborate fake just in the build up to Gamescom.

Just like at EVO, Ed Boon has teased that we would get more characters for Mortal Kombat X during Gamescom so things look to be sinking up to prove the below images. Remember Raiden was shown off after his teaser tweets before. Then again, given how the press works, this could also be from an early editorial gearing up for the gaming convention out there soon. None the less though, have a look at what could be Kano.

These look pretty damn legit and everything. It would also make sense that Kano would be back in Mortal Kombat X as he has been a staple character throughout the franchise. I can’t think of an iteration that hasn’t had him in some form. Then again we will all be finding out here next week when Gamescom is in full swing and we can expect Mr. Boon to make good on his Mortal Kombat X teasing. Hopefully this is just one of a plethora of character announcements so the fun isn’t completely spoiled.

If you want to see the tweet that started all of the Mortal Kombat X rumors and everything here just look a bit below. No clue how this person got the information if it is legit but this is what spawned it all from what I can find.