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Kai Kicks Nariko Out…

Kai Kicks Nariko Out…

Heavenly Sword II

Info about Heavenly Sword II

We all knew it would happen, with Heavenly Sword being a huge game. Not to mention being featured on Heroes. Good news on this is that it has been written already and production is going. Another interesting thing that people didn’t know is that they were asking us normal folk, from here on in Normies, our opinions. Before you ask “Where?”, it was a focus group out of Chicago last night. From that cam e the below list of things hinted at. Kind of feels like all those Harry Potter sites with what they think was going to happen in the last book.

At the end of the night they gave us a few pieces of paper and asked our takes on the ideas (probably already set in stone). The following are the sheets that they asked our opinions on:

  • Heavenly Sword II will take place 10 years after the events in Heavenly Sword
  • The main character will be a male with martial arts background
  • The main character will be Kai, but she will be a more mature woman
  • The game will require you to master different martial arts styles before retrieving the Heavenly Sword
  • The game will, instead of button mashing, have controls that utilize an analog stick to go through weapons
  • The game will have downloadable weapons, characters, and enemies to customize your experience
  • The game will be more interactive with the environment
  • The game will have you on a storyline with re playable missions, as opposed to an open world

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