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No Kingdom Hearts III At E3 But We Have A Small Teaser None The Less

No Kingdom Hearts III At E3 But We Have A Small Teaser None The Less

Kingdom Hearts III

It’s been reported that Kingdom Hearts III won’t be focused on at E3 but the latest Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX trailer has a nice little tease for us all

It is starting to shape up that this E3 is going to be filled with a lot of good news followed with bad news as Kingdom Hearts III has fallen into that arena here. Reports are coming out that the game is going to be a no-show to little-show at E3 here next week. That means there is just about as much to know about Kingdom Hearts III as we know from last year’s event where a short trailer was shown off at the PlayStation press conference. To date I believe that has been the largest showing of the in-development title.

That would be the bad news…

Now for the good news for all you Kingdom Hearts fans. There is a new trailer for the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX bundle coming out December 2nd of this year. It shows us all the titles that have been given the HD polish over so we will have something fun to play over the holidays this year. But this is a story about Kingdom Hearts III more so and that is where the extra good news comes in.

As we have been accustomed to Marvel movies and “extra scenes” when all is said and done, there is a little bit on Kingdom Hearts III after the end of this trailer. It isn’t much but a small bit of the story for KH3 but it is something for all you eager fans of the franchise. If nothing else it is just a sign that the studios is still working hard on bringing us the “next gen” Kingdom Hearts game. So that would be the end of all the good news here.

Personally I hope that Square is doing the David Jaffe thing with Twisted Metal and telling us that they are not showing anything but then during one of the press events, BAM, new stuff for Kingdom Hearts III. That is the hope anyways. We’ll see how all of that pans out here in the coming week. If there is some super-secret thing going on, and we are allowed to talk about it, rest assured that there will be coverage and updates so check back often.