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Kingdom Hearts III Has A New Trailer From The D23 Expo Japan

Kingdom Hearts III Has A New Trailer From The D23 Expo Japan

Kingdom Heart III

New work-in-progress gameplay footage shows all new concepts for Kingdom Hearts III

While we all sit around waiting for any news we can get about Kingdom Hearts III, Japan gets their glimpses first. During the first annual D23 Expo Japan a gameplay trailer was released filled with all new content that is coming to Kingdom Hearts III. But first, for those who don’t already know, D23 is the official Disney Fan Club. It is named after 1923, which was the year Walt Disney first arrived in Hollywood and created the Disney Company. The D23 Expo stands to showcase and inform the Disney fans of upcoming changes to the Disney universe, whether those changes relate to theme parks, movies, or video games. This year was the first year that Japan had their own Expo.

As I said, Japan got first look at the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III and all the beauty that it contained. The video was published on YouTube for all to see on October 14th, on the DisneyVideoGames channel.

The first thing I noticed about this video, besides the gorgeous visuals of course, is that you still move while casting spells. I am already thanking every god I can for this development as having to risk not being able to avoid an attack just to cast a spell was never a risk I wanted to take. Following that, after seeing that the fight mechanics are staying true to the console predecessors, I saw Sora’s keyblade transform in his hand to what appears to be duel wielded guns that rapid fire spells. I’m curious as to what other new tricks Sora has up his sleeves now.

The remaining two sequences involve what I am assuming two new summons. Both of which are covered in lights and appear to be something straight out of the Disney theme parks. The first summon is a pirate ship that swings back and forth, much like the rides seen at various theme parks that I can’t bring myself to ride. The ship knocks enemies up into the air, stunning them with each hit. I feel this won’t work too well on flying enemies that don’t get pulled back into the ship with gravity. The next scene shows Sora riding a train on a light track around the rock titan from Hercules. As Sora passes by the titan, you see him taking swings and knocking chunks of rock off of the beast. You also get to see Sora parry an incoming blow with an attack as well. I thought at first that this was just a basic cinematic fight sequence that you would take part in, until I saw the menu in the bottom left corner change when Sora jumped off the train. This leads me to believe that you can actually control the direction of the train which would mean the playing field for the game is massive since the titan is several thousand times taller than any creature faced thus far in the series.

While this is a lot of new information to take in and should hold us off till the next tidbit of information, all of these scenes took place in Twilight Town. What I really want to know right now is what worlds we will be traveling to in Kingdom Hearts III. I want to know if we can expect to visit a galaxy far, far away or even meet up with some Marvel characters, since both those properties are now owned by Disney. I personally would love to face Loki commanding an army of heartless or even Emperor Palpatine and his heartless infused Death Star. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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