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The Last Of Us Cleaned Up Nicely At The DICE Awards

The Last Of Us Cleaned Up Nicely At The DICE Awards

At The 17th Annual DICE Awards Last Night (2/6/14) It Looks Like The Last Of Us Cleaned Up Nicely. The Amazing Title Racked Up 10 Awards.

Last night (2/6/14) wrapped up the 17th Annual DICE Awards and it looks like there was one clear winner; The Last Of Us from Naughty Dog. It picked up almost every win that it was nominated for to boot on losing out to titles like BioShock Infinite, World Of Tanks, GTAV, and technically The Last Of Us (It had two nominations in one category). In fact those were the only three that The Last Of Us didn’t pick up out of the thirteen categories it was nominated for. That is more than half of the twenty-four total categories that were up for review, if you do the basic math.

I for one am glad to hear this as I feel The Last Of Us missed out in all of the other award shows and events and was snubbed by some lesser titles in the industry. I am still shocked that most people think that BioShock Infinite has a better story and gameplay than The Last Of Us. Or even GTAV. I mean how have we not perfected negative stereotype beatings, killing, and stealing cars by now? I’m just saying. But gamers are as gamers do I guess. That’s a phrase right?

In any instance, here is the breakdown of all of the categories and winners of each. Disagree with it or not, we can deny that this was a very The Last Of Us heavy awards show and I congratulate Naughty Dog myself. I think that The Last Of Us has been the only title on the list that I have actively wanted to play multiple times just for fun and not for trophy hunting. Now we wait for The Last Of Us 2, hopefully.

  1. Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition — BioShock Infinite
  2. Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design — The Last Of Us
  3. Outstanding Achievement in Story — The Last Of Us
  4. Outstanding Character Performance — The Last Of Us — Ellie
  5. Downloadable Game of the Year — Brothers — A Tale Of Two Sons
  6. Casual Game of the Year — Plants VS Zombies 2
  7. Role-Playing/Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year — Diablo III
  8. Outstanding Innovation in Gaming — The Last Of Us
  9. Sports Game of the Year — FIFA 14
  10. Racing Game of the Year — Forza Motorsport 5
  11. Fighting Game of the Year — Injustice: Gods Among Us
  12. Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year — XCOM: Enemy Within
  13. Family Game of the Year — Super Mario 3D World
  14. Mobile Game of the Year — Plants VS Zombies 2
  15. Handheld Game of the Year — The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  16. Adventure Game of the Year — The Last Of Us
  17. Online Game of the Year — World Of Tanks
  18. Action Game of the Year — BioShock Infinite
  19. Outstanding Achievement in Animation — The Last Of Us
  20. Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction — The Last Of Us
  21. Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering — The Last Of Us
  22. Outstanding Achievement in Gameplay Engineering — Grand Theft Auto V
  23. Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction — The Last Of Us
  24. Game of the Year — The Last Of Us

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