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We Have Leads On Murdered Soul Suspect’s Next Gen Platforms

We Have Leads On Murdered Soul Suspect’s Next Gen Platforms

Murdered: Soul Suspect

It has just been revealed that Murdered Soul Suspect will be coming to next gen consoles as well. Also, we have a lead as to the official launch date for the game.

So yesterday (2/3/14) it was revealed that Murdered Soul Suspect would be coming to the Xbox One. In fact, there was a nice long video showing off the game on Microsoft’s latest baby. There were also a few other cool things that were shown that I will bring up in a bit. What was less gone over is the fact that Murdered Soul Suspect is also slated for a PS4 release as well but that wouldn’t come from the Xbox One video but the latest from Airtight Games; which I have also included below.

So outside of the new platforms for Murdered Soul Suspect what are we looking at here? Well a whole slew of new gameplay as well as environments. This includes an awesome looking graveyard area that looks to be the focus of a side mission or story mission. It also looks like you can take cover in plumes of smoke or at least a smoke like cloud. This is based off the XB1 gameplay mind you so it was a quick look. Also, the developers go into a little bit more on the Inception-like mechanics to control the living. Here I was hoping for a bit more of the Beetlejuice style of things but oh well.

In terms of story there is a little bit more on the “witness” that Ronan encounters and the fact that her family line seems to be part psychic detective. It seems a bit contrived as the concept is in most other forms of media, but we needed someone for Ronan to talk to instead of himself and the other poor souls in the Dusk. We can only hear the “woe is me I am stuck in the Dusk” phrase so many times right? I’d like to think so. Either way, I’ll let you watch the trailer and videos for yourself to get the full scoop.

Oh, before I forget, we finally have a listing of June 2014 for the release window of Murdered Soul Suspect. Right around E3 times and the start of summer. I would have expected September or October personally but I guess Airtight thought we have waited long enough. I won’t complain either. Hopefully Murdered Soul Suspect will be as good as it keeps looking with each new clip.

Xbox One Reveal Trailer

Every Lead Trailer

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