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Let Us Go Behind The Scenes To The Beginning For Rise Of The Ronin

Let Us Go Behind The Scenes To The Beginning For Rise Of The Ronin

Rise Of The Ronin

Have a look at how our Ronin came to be with the latest behind-the-scenes look at the development for Rise Of The Ronin

We had some gameplay for Rise Of The Ronin this week and now it is time to see just how all of that came to be. Well, more the mindset of the developers over at Team Ninja who have been putting this title together and how they came up with certain things. It does help that Rise Of The Ronin is rooted in some bits of history, but for all of those other bits that need to be filled in, that is what this video is all about. Just in time for that March 22nd launch on the PS5. With many more on the way to us before then too, I am sure. For now, let us dig in and see how this game has finally come to light.

As one would assume, a lot of this is about how the team wanted to retell part of the history out there along with how Rise Of The Ronin takes place around the time of the Western influence over Japan. It was happening before then, to an extent, but here is why we see more of the guns and other elements that are traditionally Western in the mix of the game. Along with all of that, we get to see how this mentality finds its way into not only the art style of the game but also the score and music. All to give us the best version of Rise Of The Ronin that we could be expecting. Have a look at it all just below and for those not interested in seeing how the sausage is made, there is a bit of gameplay in the mix for you too.

Rise Of The Ronin — Behind The Scenes: Episode 1

Available March 22, 2024, only on PS5!

All in all, Rise Of The Ronin feels like it has the design setup just as many other video games like it out there. Nothing overly impressive or groundbreaking in terms of it all unless you are a hardcore nut for the era and history. It is interesting to hear how the mix of music came in with the Western instruments playing the Eastern melodies and vice versa, but beyond that, Rise Of The Ronin feels like every other action game we have seen in the same style. This could be a bit of my bias for it all, but this is just how it feels for me. Maybe things will be different once I get to actually play the game, but I do not see the massive hype many have for it.

Are you glad to have seen what we have for Rise Of The Ronin or was it on the lackluster side of things for you too? Are you a fan of the history and excited to see all of this come to life or will it be another action title under your belt? Were you also impressed with the music in this one or was that just something I latched onto for this update? Head on into the comment section to let us all know what you are thinking when it comes to all of this. We have more to come for Rise Of The Ronin and we will update it all here as soon as we get it all. Please come back to see and hear all of it as we get closer to the launch.

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