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Let Us Spoil The Opening Scene For Sunset Overdrive

Let Us Spoil The Opening Scene For Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

The opening cinematic for Sunset Overdrive was shown during the RTX convention and we have the video here

If you don’t want to have any bit of Sunset Overdrive spoiled for you here then I would suggest not going forward. I would also suggest that you stay away from coverage of the RTX convention that happened over the weekend as that was some of the big news and views that came about while most of this country was blowing up part of the land or setting fire to mammal flesh in mass quantities. The Fourth Of July to those who need that spelled out in basic words.

Anyways, now that you have been warned, here is the opening scene for Sunset Overdrive. In all of its in-game scripted sequencing. At least it looks in-engine footage. You be the judge.

Alright, so that was fun and didn’t do much to spoil the first few minutes of Sunset Overdrive. It does show that we are starting off as a nobody from the start but as we’ve seen so far that won’t last long. I am a bit curious on if Sunset Overdrive is going to be some kind of hallucination or something as they main character was playing the game on his phone during the scene and then everything hits the fan in the game world. I can see that twist but then again with how the game has been shown so far it kind of fits right in.

I guess we’ll all see when Sunset Overdrive comes out in October. Maybe a bit sooner if there is more shown at the few other conventions before the game’s official launch?