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This Week In Gaming 7/7/14 — 7/11/14

This Week In Gaming 7/7/14 — 7/11/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Gaming

There goes one more week of gaming news in the bag. It felt like a very directed week for gaming news if you do ask me but then again we give you what we get. Also when we get it…as long as it fits in our theme of gaming news here on the site. Granted not all of the news we have is 100% gaming related but that is splitting hairs where we don’t need to be.

Back to my “directed” comment.

We you are looking through the list of gaming coverage here it will look like there was a whole butt ton of Borderlands news to go through. Even in the mix of the new Battleborn announcement we ended up getting a lot more in the Borderlands arena for gaming new. If it wasn’t that then it was Dragon Age and a smattering of SDCC gaming news. Don’t like it then put your money where your mouth is and submit your own content here. (Note: We are looking for more writers.)*

That all said, here is what we were able to cover in this week of gaming. Enjoy and happy gaming.

PS. It also looks like out EiC has made it another year in survival. If you want to help with his celebration we are taking up a collection to aid his partying efforts. We are not sure how many more he has left so we want to make it huge. If you have a few bucks, feel free to donate here.

* Interested parties should email dbecker@aggrogamer.com with samples if you wish to have your voice heard here.

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