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Alien Isolation Is Now A Movie Tie-In Game From The 70’s

Alien Isolation Is Now A Movie Tie-In Game From The 70’s

Alien Isolation

Pre-order bonuses for Alien Isolation have been announced and it will let players recreate part of the original film during gameplay

No, this isn’t announcement about a new movie to go alongside the release of Alien Isolation. If the headline there confused you then I am not sorry to tell you that there is no new film. We are getting the chance to recreate part of the Alien film though; with some of the characters and voices that made the franchise so big that it spawned all those sequels, crappy games, and no Alien Isolation. Note that I have left Alien Isolation out of the crappy games category for now and then we will carry on.

How this is happening is through the pre-order bonuses and the automatic upgrade to the Nostromos Edition of Alien Isolation before you begin to question. In this edition we will be getting a new story mission, Crew Expendable, where we will be taking on the role of Ripley, Dallas, or Parker as they tried to flush the Alien from the Nostromos in the original film. Each character will have a slightly different set of events that still end in the same conclusion but it will expand on the original Alien story as well as the overall story of Alien Isolation. You know, since it does take place right after the events of the original film.

The other bit of DLC, called Last Survivor, will take us on the epic romp that Ellen Ripley had to go through to survive to the next film in the franchise. This will be exclusive to specific retailers, GameStop being the only listed so far, for those who pre-order Alien Isolation and get the free upgrade. Not a bad little bundle if I do say so myself. Especially since most of the original cast is lending their voices to the DLC to give it that extra little spice that will make the Alien salivate more.

While I’m not huge on pre-ordering at specific places to get the cool extra content for games this does make me want to go out to my local GameStop and pre-order Alien Isolation there. If the DLC is anything like the bit of the game I’ve played then it will be a wonderful expansion to the Alien Universe as well as really let us get a feel for life on the Nostromos. Well at least the little life that could be had while running and hiding to live to your next breath. Gods, October 7th can’t get here fast enough.