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Nerdist Is Taking Us Into The Borderlands At SDCC

Nerdist Is Taking Us Into The Borderlands At SDCC

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Just announced as part of the outside SDCC events is the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel laser tag arena hosted by Nerdist

Not to be left out of the fun of SDCC in now Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel brought to us by Carl’s Jr 2K Games and Nerdist. It looks as if they didn’t want to miss out on the fun of having something like The Walking Dead Escape at the convention this year so they are bringing us a Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel themed Laser Tag arena for fans to go crazy Broadway style in. Maybe I should say “go crazy Borderlands style” instead but to each their own.

During the entire convention we will all be able to be in the Borderlands co-op via laser tag from 11am to 5pm. About every 20 minutes two teams of 25 will enter into the arena placed at the top of Petco Park in San Diego to go on the shooting romp we’ve all wanted to do for some time now. Don’t lie; you know you are one of those people. Once you accept that then you can fully enjoy all of the fun.

Speaking of enjoying all the fun, this event will be open to anyone who can get their butts down to SDCC and not those just with badges. Although those with badges apparently will have a line pass of sorts or at least their line will be taken over the non-SDCC goers. So do plan accordingly if you want to have the Borderlands fun without all the wait. Hells, if you really plan it right you can even hunt down Chris Hardwick and all of the Nerdist people. I now have my sights ready.

To find out more you can watch the below video announcing the event or head on over to that other site to get the full set of details. I’ll hopefully see you out there hunting and laser tagging everyone in the Borderlands.