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What Do You Want In You Dead Island 2 Collector’s Edition?

What Do You Want In You Dead Island 2 Collector’s Edition?

Dead Island 2

Deep Silver and Yager Development want to know what you are looking for in a Collector’s Edition for Dead Island 2

If you are into collector’s editions of game then you may want to pay attention here as Dead Island 2 is slated for one and Deep Silver/Yager Development want to know what you would like to see in said edition. This isn’t anything new for the company as they have done it with previous titles but it is something I wished more companies did as we are the ones paying for these expensive bundles. Do we really want to leave it up to the marketing teams to tell us what kind of cool things we want in our big bundles? I know I’m not a big fan of it in general.

So how do you get to tell them what you want in a Dead Island 2 collector’s edition? Well you can go to the direct form here or use the embedded version below. All you have to do is select your interest in the specific items and then click submit. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Some of the items are little mundane like Sunglasses or Postcards from the Zombie filled California. My personal favorites are:

  • Rick Furry Super Cuddly Plush To Cat
  • Zombie Arm Back Scratcher
  • PS4 Or Xbox One Dead Island 2 Controller Skins
  • A Real Zombie

I am sure that the controller skins are going to be a lock as they have been shown already and are pretty damn cool but could you imagine Deep Silver having to figure a way to get us a real Zombie? That is one that I would love to see come to life but in the game show/pet versions we saw at the end of Shaun Of The Dead. Way too much wishful thinking there but if they added in a Zombie Run kind of thing that could balance things out. But here I am babbling when you should get clicking. So click away.

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