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Let The Viewers Decided Your Fate In #KillAllZombies

Let The Viewers Decided Your Fate In #KillAllZombies


A new IP from Beatshapers has been announced, #KillAllZombies, and it will allow the spectators control your fate

If you ever wanted to ramp up the difficulty of game based on those spectating you then #KillAllZombies may be right up your alley for fun. #KillAllZombies is a TPS Arena game where you take on the role of nameless civilian who is thrust into a survival arena filled with zombies. All in the name of sports entertainment. You then run around like a crazy person trying to survive while killing the undead. The twist is that “viewers” can affect the arena, hordes of dead, and the civilian directly through votes. The gimmick here is that in the real world this is through the PS4 Live or Twitch Apps.

#KillAllZombies isn’t breaking ground on this as other titles allowed for spectators to add into the gaming experience by commenting or voting; it’s just this time there is an in-game reason. This sounds a lot like what we have come to expect a gladiatorial arena would have been like to make sure the audience was receiving what they paid for. Even in the below announcement trailer you can see how certain commands affect the arena to aid or harm the participant. Pretty cool stuff.

My first thought here is “how do you control trolls?” From what I have been able to gather from the announcement here is that the truly messed up stuff can only fire off every 80 seconds or so. Like the “spawn boss” command you will see in the trailer below. All of the other commands will spawn ‘perks’ or basic undead that we should be able to mow down with ease. Although I guess being able to “summon” up mass amounts of zombies before unleashing a boss every 80 seconds could lead to some damn good trolling in #KillAllZombies. Maybe there is a block for that too.

Even though #KillAllZombies has just been announced it is slated for a Q3 2014 release on the PS4. That means we should be seeing #KillAllZombies in short time as Q3 will be wrapping here soon. It does look like fun and the “TV spectator” involvement sounds like it could add some great replay factors into the game. Then again, that means that Beatshapers is looking to have more people watching the games than actually playing it. I guess there is a nice Catch 22…