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Let’s Go Inside The Mind And Art Of The Evil Within

Let’s Go Inside The Mind And Art Of The Evil Within

The Evil Within

Two new behind the scenes looks at The Evil Within have been released to show off the art and gameplay direction that the game has taken from start to finish

Today is wrapping up to be a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of day now with The Evil Within adding two more videos to show off what has gone into making the game. The larger difference here is that most of it is through interviews with Shinji and the development team instead of just showing off what is going on with the game’s engine and design directions. None the less we all get a nice and interesting look at how the team over at Tango Gameworks is going to be trying to drive fear into all of our hearts here on October 14th.

I do find it a bit interesting, as this is the first time I’ve heard it directly claimed, that we are delving into the mind in The Evil Within through some unknown mode. Granted, this is something I assumed back when the title was first announced; both in English and Japanese. This is just the first time I’ve heard or read direct correlation to that for The Evil Within. This does excite me more given the fact that even though it is supposed to be a fictitious mind we are going in, it is Shinji’s none the less. He is the lead design for all of this so it is his mind making the fake mind for us to explore.

With mere weeks until The Evil Within hits our homes I am glad to see these behind the scenes interviews and can’t wait to see more. This is just the way to do it so as not to ruin the overall story of The Evil Within, or any game for that matter, yet still keep all of us glued to our screens and news feeds to keep looking out for The Evil Within. Time needs to pass faster now!

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