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Let’s Pep Up On This Somber Day With A New Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer

Let’s Pep Up On This Somber Day With A New Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

If you are an United States citizen then today has a different and most likely somber meaning than “just another day.” It could also be a day where everyone and their sidekick try to use it to gain something in the guise of being topical or remorseful. It happens. It is human nature it would seem. In any instance we should all pay reverence to those who keep people like me free to post mindless gaming news on the internet. What better way to do that then to watch a new trailer for Call Of Duty: Ghosts so we can think we know what those brave people do?

Attention grabbing aside now.

If you gaze below you will see the latest Single Player trailer for Ghosts. For the most part it looks to be game engine footage with little to no behind the controller play. But hey, it’s CoD in space! Yea, you read that. Looks like there will be sections of the game that take place in orbit around our little mud ball. There is considerable more to it than that, but that seems to be the one thing that everyone else is picking up on so I will follow suit.

Take a watch. Give a high five to an active or inactive member of the U.S. Military. I hear they enjoy free beer too. For all of those none U.S. readers thanks for reading all of that and enjoy the trailer as I am sure most of it you are apathetic too just as most ‘Americans’ are to what goes on in your country.


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