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Let’s Re-cap Final Fantasy XIII Before Lightning Returns Comes Out

Let’s Re-cap Final Fantasy XIII Before Lightning Returns Comes Out

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix has given us a nice little recap of the whole story of Final Fantasy XIII up until now. Just in time for Lightning Returns.

I am not one for the ‘retro’ gaming thing but I would be lying if I didn’t get a kick out of the latest re-cap video for Final Fantasy XIII. It is all set up so that anyone who has yet to play Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII 2 can get a run down before Lightning Returns comes out and that they shouldn’t need to play the other titles to be able to shell out their cash for the new game.

Ok, so that was a lie. While the eight minute video for Final Fantasy XIII is a fun re-cap, there are so many things that are glossed over in the story here. As it should be. The whole franchise of FFXIII is so in-depth and full of character development that you really can’t cover it in such a short time. It is nice that Square gave us the fun look with the SNES style graphics, but as you should know by now, you would be doing yourself and the franchise a disservice by trying to use the truncated story as a basis to say you have the story up until now.

What I will say is that you should have fun with the below video and honestly give the whole Final Fantasy XIII franchise a fun play through before even thinking about picking up Lightning Returns. That goes to you un-informed gamers, loved ones of gamers, and parents. It is a great franchise and Lightning Returns will hopefully be a great addition; even though there is a lack of Dress Sphere system. Yea, I liked that. Deal with it.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be out on February 11th (NA Region), 13th (AU Region), 14th (EU Region) on the PS3 and Xbox 360. I can’t wait myself.