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Let’s Take Another Look Behind Beyond: Two Souls

Let’s Take Another Look Behind Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls

I swear if there ends up being more “behind the scenes” than actual game play for Beyond: Two Souls I will start a riot. I’m talking a full scale riot where we end up with a plethora of ghost wandering around attaching themselves to little kids so they can make the experience we should have received. Now that’s a riot. Let us hope that things don’t need to progress to that point and let us place our hope that the game will be long and awesome enough to have necessitated all these behind the scenes video.

This time around we actually get more of the developers working on the game over the “star power” attached to Beyond. Not that I don’t like looking at Ellen Page, but I would like to know how we are all going to be handling her when we get the game in our hands. Or at least the nuts and bolts to what is going on. I am weird like that.

Below is the “new” video that shows off the behind the scenes content, but there really isn’t any new substance or information. This is really just something to tide us all over again until we get some real big showing before launch. I hope there is some big showing and that they haven’t shown a good chunk of the game already at least. Damn, there is all kinds of hope going on here now.

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