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Look At All The Cool Stuff Uncovered For Metro Redux

Look At All The Cool Stuff Uncovered For Metro Redux

Metro Redux

A new trailer for Metro Redux from Deep Silver and 4A Games has been released showing off all of the updates and comparisons from the original titles

Having had a chance to play both titles included in Metro Redux I can attest that both look and play amazing. They both look stunning and all of the minor issues I had with the original titles in terms of gameplay have been tweaked and fixed in this new edition. But of course these are just words on your screen that you are reading and if I know my audience like I think I do, you want to see the proof as well as read my words on the screen. Well you all happen to be in luck for at least half of what I have been praising so far.

Deep Silver and 4A Games have released a new trailer for Metro Redux that highlights and shows the comparisons between the original Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light to the Redux versions. They can’t really show you how it handles as that is for us to find out with controller or keyboard in hand but you can easily see how far the team has pushed in the visual departments. As this is what I’ve seen on the PS4 version of Metro Redux I can only imagine how crisp and smooth things would look on a current high-end PC. I’ll have to stick with the console version for now though.

Enough of taking just my word on Metro Redux though. Have a watch and wonder at how amazing these games look now since 4A gave them the old overhaul. Then you can give Metro Redux a whirl on August 26th when the dual pack comes to light. Or just the individual title from the pack that you may want. It’s your choice.