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This Week In Gaming 8/4/14 — 8/8/14

This Week In Gaming 8/4/14 — 8/8/14

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here’s A Recap Of What We Covered In Gaming

It sure feels like this week has been one big tease for gaming news. Yes there were a few new items out there and such but it really felt like there was a lot “here’s something but you have to wait for the full thing still.” I hate teases. Especially when they lead to a whole lot of nothing and waiting for weeks to pass by. Nothing worse for us in the gaming world is there? I’d say not.

None the less we have gathered up a whole slew of gaming news, teases, and even a new review for you all to peruse. Even the thoughts of a Dad Island movie are in the mix. Also a new rumor aboutFallout 4 being confirmed along with Kano being inMortal Kombat X. All of which won’t be spoken upon until next week at Gamescom. Like I said, teases galore to go along with the Shadow Realms and Until Dawn speculated teases. Why do gaming companies like doing this to us gamers?

To get us excited. That’s why. So go ahead and chose which game you want to be teased and thus excited for from the list of our gaming coverage. Hopefully the idea works. If not, happy gaming none the less.

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