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Looks Like Evolve Has Been Delayed Until 2015 Too

Looks Like Evolve Has Been Delayed Until 2015 Too


2K Games has announced that Evolve will now be releasing in 2015 instead of this October

If you were lucky enough to get into the Evolve Alpha test over last weekend, consider yourself lucky. It looks like it was fruitful for Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games but not so much for everyone hoping to get to play the game this October. Yes, Evolve has been delayed until 2015. Delayed until February 10th 2015 to be exact. Now you can consider yourself even luckier as you won’t have to wait like the rest of us to actually get to play the game not at a convention.

This news comes out of 2K Games’ most recent financial statement today (8/5/14). No real news as to why Evolve was delayed but like I mentioned above it was most likely something from the recent test that prompted this. Why else would they delay the game to go head to head with damn near every other title that has been delayed? It makes no sense unless there was some real feedback that needs the extra development time to make Evolve the best it can be.

Don’t fret all of you out there who were hoping to see more of Evolve sooner rather than later. Below we have a nice 22 minute look at the monster’s gameplay from the most recent build of Evolve. It won’t completely get rid of the sting of the delay but at least it is something. We’re going to totally need some kind of balm come February 2015 though as we will all be glued to the plethora of titles coming out around then.

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