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Rumor Mill: Fallout 4 Has Been Confirmed?

Rumor Mill: Fallout 4 Has Been Confirmed?

Fallout 4

More rumors are flying around that Fallout 4 has been confirmed and we await an official announcement

Here we go with yet another Fallout 4 rumor but this one claims to be legit. Just like all of the other rumors out there for Fallout 4 and Half Life 3. None the less the people over at KDrama Stars claim to have word from one of the horse’s mouths over at Bethesda. Well more from someone who claims to know someone on the PR team at Bethesda at least. That someone of course being an anonymous internet user…

So what has been claimed now for Fallout 4? Here’s what was posted from the Reddit user on the site.

“First and foremost, the game will take place in Boston, and be kind of a direct sequel to Fallout 3 with a few groups returning. From what it sounds like, “The Institute” is pretty much the downtown DC or New Vegas of this game. Boston is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen in a Fallout game before, with buildings more on par with cyberpunk and retro-futurism.”

“Androids play a big part in this game. The railroad from Fallout 3 is a faction. The enemies of the railroad is “the Plantation” – a group who force Androids to farm so that Humans can get food. The Institute is highly advanced and probably obtained or built their own GECK to start a farm.”

“Due to complaints about using Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3 excessively and going against the lore too much, Bethesda has decided to avoid using these groups. Bethesda wants to make a new “race” (think Ghoul, Super Mutant) which will be central to Boston. Bethesda is currently looking at Lovecraftian fiction since Boston is around ‘Lovecraft Country’.”

“Bethesda has no plans to reinvent the leveling up system to make it more like Skyrim and want to make Fallout 4 more distinct from Skyrim since of the complaints that Oblivion and Fallout 3 were too similar. Bethesda is thinking about introducing a system, similar to Skyrim, where your skills can level up if you perform certain tasks.”

“Cyberland has reported that the Fallout 4 release date is tentatively set on Fall 2015 and it should be expected that it would be showcased on E3 2015.”

All of that Fallout 4 info out of a Bethesda PR Officer too. That sounds legit right? Not really to me as I saw someone get the horrid stink-eye for asking a question about Fallout 4 at E3 2014. It doesn’t quite add up that the PR would act like that a few months ago and then be all willy-nilly with news because a friend happened to ask. Then again, booze is a wonderful lubricant for everything so who knows? This could be true but I won’t bet anything on that as of yet. Especially since Bethesda has so many other things in the works currently.

I won’t dispute the idea that if Fallout 4 is in the works that we could see something at E3 2015 or even Gamescom next week. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I just don’t think these claims can be taken as a real confirmation as of yet that Fallout 4 is coming as soon as Q4 2015. Sorry to dash all of your hopes Fallout fans. Maybe this will spark Bethesda to actually push the official announcement but just like the claims above, I think it doubtful.

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